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Do you need help getting your baby to sleep through the night? Is your child fussy during the day but won’t take a nap?

Are you wondering how you can help your child learn to fall asleep at night without having them cry it out on their own? Do you need help with night weaning? I can help! Call or email me today for a 15 minute free consultation to discuss some options that can help your family achieve better sleep. We will work closely together to come up with a comfortable plan, and I will guide and support you in implementing that plan so that you can go forward with confidence.

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Services: Megan will assist you in teaching your child how to fall asleep on his/her own, learn how to sleep well through the night and during the day for naps, gently wean night feedings, help your child to wake up at a normal biological time, gain a better understanding of what impedes and promotes your child’s sleep patterns, and be better prepared for problem solving future potential sna-fu’s such as illness, time change, and holiday challenges.

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